Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions

Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions


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Publisher: CRC Press


Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-0415537636

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Bearing in mind that reinforced concrete is a key component in a majority of built environment structures, Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions combines the scientific knowledge of earthquake engineering with a focus on the design of reinforced concrete buildings in seismic regions. This book addresses practical design issues, providing an integrated, comprehensible, and clear presentation that is suitable for design practice.

It combines current approaches to seismic analysis and design, with a particular focus on reinforced concrete structures, and includes:
- an overview of structural dynamics
- analysis and design of new R/C buildings in seismic regions
- post-earthquake damage evaluation, pre earthquake assessment of buildings and
retrofitting procedures
- seismic risk management of R/C buildings within urban nuclei
- extended numerical example applications