Agricultural Resource Use and Management

Agricultural Resource Use and Management


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Publisher: Apple Academic Press


Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-1771880732

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Agriculture is one of the prime users of water, particularly in arid places with already-limited water resources, and its effects are diverse and far reaching. Providing a nuanced study of agricultural resource management, this informative book takes a four-pronged approach, covering research on:

• The impact of agriculture on water 
• The impact of agriculture on soil quality and its ecological health
• Energy and greenhouse gases
• The impact of a growing population on agricultural resources
Topics include the connection between chemical fertilizer use in agriculture and stream water quality; beef and dairy production on livestock, dairy, and crops; livestock and greenhouse gases; energy consumption rates in agriculture; efficient farming techniques, such as precision agriculture, irrigation management, and sustainable water technologies; and more.
This informative and accessible volume offers a comprehensive guide to this vital and necessary field of study.