Managing Organizational Crisis and Brand Trauma

Managing Organizational Crisis and Brand Trauma


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Year: 2017

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This book offers a framework for dealing with a new phenomenon affecting organizations and their stakeholders: brand trauma. Brand trauma puts an organization's credibility at risk as stakeholders, shaken by the effects of a crisis or a crisis' poor management reassess their relationship with the organization. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, police harassment, Volkswagen’s tampering with pollution devices, Wells Fargo's treatment of customer accounts, and the sexual exploits of politicians, educators and other high profile individuals are organizational crises that may trigger brand trauma. The author discusses both organizational and brand trauma with models and illustrations.


Those in journalism, law and the justice department, criminologists, marketing, and public relations specialists well as members of an organization's leadership teams and advisory boards will find the material useful.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Organizational and Brand Traumas
Chapter 2: Organizational Health: The Capacity to Manage Events (and Their Downsides) Requires an Organization Steeped in Competent and Capable Individuals
Chapter 3: Trauma in Organizations: Triggering Organizational Trauma and the Trauma Model
Chapter 4: Brand Trauma
Chapter 5: When Trauma Isn’t a Given (When an Event That Should Produce Trauma, Doesn’t)
Chapter 6: Measuring Brand Trauma
Chapter 7: Introducing, Reestablishing and Maintaining Order
Chapter 8: Trauma Never Goes Away: It Always Has to Be Managed
Chapter 9: Conclusions: Whether for Legal or Illegal Reasons Examine Results in Terms of Your Purpose, Performance, Progress