The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan

In 1913, a young unschooled Indian clerk wrote a letter to G H Hardy, begging the preeminent English mathematician's opinion on several ideas he had about numbers. Realizing the letter was the work of a genius, Hardy arranged for Srinivasa Ramanujan to come to England. Thus began one of the most improbable and productive collaborations ever chronicled. With a passion for rich and evocative detail, Robert Kanigel takes us from the temples and slums of Madras to the courts and chapels of Cambridge University, where the devout Hindu Ramanujan, 'the Prince of Intuition,' tested his brilliant theories alongside the sophisticated and eccentric Hardy, 'the Apostle of Proof.'

The Facility Management Handbook, 4th Edition

Now in this fourth edition, the Facilities Management Handbook has been fully updated from the acclaimed previous editions, continuing its status as an invaluable resource to those working in facilities management, whether just starting out or as seasoned campaigners and practitioners. Information is presented in a clear and logical way, offering easy-to-find advice and best practice information that’s essential in guaranteeing the safe, efficient and cost-effective running of any facilities function.

The Art of Agile Practice: A Composite Approach for Projects and Organizations

The Art of Agile Practice: A Composite Approach for Projects and Organizations presents a consistent, integrated, and strategic approach to achieving "Agility" in your business. Transcending beyond Agile as a software development method, it covers the gamut of methods in an organization including business processes, governance standards, project management, quality management, and business analysis to show you how to use this composite approach to enhance your ability to adapt and respond to evolving business requirements. The book is divided into three parts:

Food and Beverage Service, 9th edition

Understand both the key concepts and modern developments within the global food and beverage service industry with this new edition of the internationally respected text. An invaluable reference for trainers, practitioners and anyone working towards professional qualifications in food and beverage service, this new edition has been thoroughly updated to include a greater focus on the international nature of the hospitality industry. In addition to offering broad and in-depth coverage of concepts, skills and knowledge, it explores how modern trends and technological developments have impacted on food and beverage service globally.

Studienarbeiten schreiben: Seminar-, Bachelor-, Master- und Diplomarbeiten in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Dieses Buch hilft Studierenden der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften, Studienarbeiten aller Art erfolgreich zu schreiben, also etwa Hausarbeiten und Seminararbeiten sowie Abschlussarbeiten wie Bachelorarbeiten, Masterarbeiten, Diplomarbeiten. Detailliert werden die inhaltlichen und formalen Anforderungen an Studienarbeiten beschrieben und die Gründe für formale Regularien in Prüfungsordnungen und Zitierrichtlinien erläutert.

Strategie: Ausrichtung von Unternehmen auf die Erfolgslogik ihrer Industrie

Jedes Unternehmen ist in einer einzigartigen strategischen Ausgangslage. Die Bedürfnisse der Kunden und die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten der unternehmerischen Geschäftsmodelle unterscheiden sich von Branche zu Branche. Die aktuellen Geschäftsaufstellungen unterscheiden sich von Unternehmen zu Unternehmen innerhalb einer Branche. Aus jedem dieser nahezu immer vorliegenden Unterschiede folgt, dass nur individuelle Strategien die Erfolgspotenziale von Unternehmen voll ausschöpfen können.

Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World

Anything from an office move to the Olympic Games can be termed a project, and 97 per cent of successful projects are led by an experienced project manager. Presenting over 250 years of professional project management experience in a highly accessible format, this entertaining yet practical book will help project managers get up to speed quickly with good practice, avoid pitfalls and deliver business value. This fully updated edition reflects changes to working practices such as the use of social media and collaboration tools.

Retirement Savings and Security: Selected Elements and Considerations

This book provides an overview of select elements and considerations of retirement savings and security with a focus on Social Security financing and benefits under current law eligibility requirements, contribution limits, tax deductibility of contributions, and rules for withdrawing funds from traditional and Roth Individual Retirement accounts IRAs 401k plans and retirement savings Federal Employees Retirement System benefits and financing and the role of the Thrift Savings Plan; and the benefits, risks and regulations of annuities with guaranteed lifetime withdrawals.

Restoring America's Global Competitiveness Through Innovation

Though we live in an era of rapid innovation, the United States has introduced comparatively few commercial innovations within the past decade. Innovation shortfall contributes to weaker trade performance, decreased productivity growth, lower wages and many other economic woes. This study provides insightful recommendations for developing enhanced innovation efforts that could help foster substantial, long-term economic growth.

Resourcing the Start-Up Business: Creating Dynamic Entrepreneurial Learning Capabilities

Starting a business successfully requires numerous skills and resources. The alarming rate of failures associated with new ventures suggests that potential entrepreneurs would welcome expert advice at the most vital stage in the life of any business. The expert author team focus on those resources, skills, capabilities and learning required by any entrepreneur in the process of starting a new business. Specifically, this text aims to:

Service Science: The Foundations of Service Engineering and Management

Features coverage of the service systems lifecycle, including service marketing, engineering, delivery, quality control, management, and sustainment.Featuring an innovative and holistic approach, Service Science: The Foundations of Service Engineering and Management provides a new perspective of service research and practice. The book presents a practical approach to the service systems lifecycle framework, which aids in understanding and capturing market trends; analyzing the design and engineering of service products and delivery networks; executing service operations; and controlling and managing the service lifecycles for competitive advantage.

Service Desk and Incident Manager: Careers in IT service management

The role of a service desk manager is to provide the single point of contact between an IT organisation and its users. A major part of this role is to ensure that incidents are dealt with effectively and normal service is restored as quickly as possible. Responsibilities include developing, implementing, monitoring and improving processes and procedures and this essential guide covers areas such as purpose, required skills and career progression, as well as tools, standards and frameworks.


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