Electrons in Molecules: From Basic Principles to Molecular Electronics

Electrons in Molecules: From Basic Principles to Molecular Electronics


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Publisher: Oxford University Press


Year: 2013

ISBN: 978-0199297788

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The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with essential keys to a unified understanding of the rapidly expanding field of molecular materials and devices: electronic structures and bonding, magnetic, electrical and photo-physical properties, and the mastering of electrons in molecular electronics.

Chemists will discover how basic quantum concepts allow us to understand the relations between structures, electronic structures, and properties of molecular entities and assemblies, and to design new molecules and materials. Physicists and engineers will realize how the molecular world fits in with their need for systems flexible enough to check theories or provide original solutions to exciting new scientific and technological challenges. The non-specialist will find out how molecules behave in electronics at the most minute, sub-nanosize level. 
The comprehensive overview provided in this book is unique and will benefit undergraduate and graduate students in chemistry, materials science, and engineering, as well as researchers wanting a simple introduction to the world of molecular materials.


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