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Food from Your Forest Garden

Forest gardening a novel method of growing edible crops in different vertical layers is attracting increased interest for gardens large and small. When it comes time to harvest, however, making the most out of the produce can be a daunting proposition. This expert guide offers readers creative and imaginative ways to enjoy the crops from their forest garden, from bamboo shoots and beech leaves to medlars and mashua.

Foolproof Family Recipes

The best recipes are those shared by Mom, a sister, a friendly neighbor or a best friend, don't you think? Well, that's just what you'll find in Foolproof Family Recipes...a whole cookbook full of can't-miss, tried & true recipes!

Detox Juicing: 3-Day, 7-Day, and 14-Day Cleanses for Your Health and Well-Being

Detox Juicing provides readers with one hundred juice and smoothie recipes that will give their bodies a relief from poor food choices and hectic lifestyles, allowing them to replenish and awaken their full healing capacities. The recipes are conveniently organized in three-, seven-, and fourteen-day easy-to-follow detox programs. All are designed to cleanse the body from the inside out—removing many of the toxins we are bombarded with in our modern lives that come from our food, cleaning and beauty products, the environment, and even negative emotions.

Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste

In the West, we have identified only four basic tastes -- sour, sweet, salty, and bitter that, through skillful combination and technique, create delicious foods. Yet in many parts of East Asia over the past century, an additional flavor has entered the culinary lexicon: umami, a fifth taste impression that is savory, complex, and wholly distinct. Combining culinary history with recent research into the chemistry, preparation, nutrition, and culture of food, Mouritsen and Styrbæk encapsulate what we know to date about the concept of umami, from ancient times to today.

The Green Chef: Introduzione al Vegetarianismo 40 Ricette Vegetariane e Vegane 40 Smoothie Verdi

Le persone sono attratte da vegetarianismo da ogni sorta di motivi. Alcuni di noi vogliono vivere più a lungo, una vita più sana e fare la nostra parte per ridurre l'inquinamento. Altri hanno fatto il passaggio perché vogliono preservare la Terra o perche' hanno sempre amato gli animali e sono eticamente contrario a mangiarli. Grazie ad una grande varietà di ricerca scientifica che dimostra i benefici per la salute e ambientali di una dieta a base vegetale. E non c'è da meravigliarsi: Si stima che il 70 per cento di tutte le malattie, compreso un terzo di tutti i tumori, sono legati alla dieta.

150 Things to Make with Roast Chicken And 50 Ways to Roast It

Who doesn't love roast chicken? And the best part is that it's so easy to make. 150 Things to Make with Roast Chicken takes a good thing and makes it even better. Instead of one, roast two chickens (or a big roaster) on Sunday night and you've got leftover makings for at least one deliciously simple weeknight meal--choose from 150 recipes for casseroles, soups, stews, stir-fries, and rice and pasta dishes, as well as a raft of chicken salads and wraps and meal-worthy salads featuring chicken. And to keep things interesting, you can put a different spin on your roast chicken for almost every week of the year, with rubs, glazes, marinades, and sauces.


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