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Auxiliary Selection in Spanish: Gradience, gradualness, and conservation

Although usage-based linguistics emphasises the need for studies of language change to take frequency effects into account, there is a lack of research that tries to systematically model frequency effects and their relation to diffusion processes in language change. This monograph offers a diachronic study of the change in Spanish perfect auxiliary selection between Old and Early Modern Spanish that led to the gradual replacement of the auxiliary ser ‘be’ with the auxiliary haber ‘have’.

Challenges in City Management: A Case Study Approach

City management in developing countries is a quickly growing area in current public administration literature. However, little research material can be found regarding the management of cities. Demonstrating the issues in this field, Challenges in City Management: A Case Study Approach brings the sometimes dry theories and concepts of urban planning and management to life. The author uses case studies to demonstrate "who," "what," "why," and "how," dramatically increasing readers’ ability to comprehend and apply the theories.

Classic Arts and Crafts Furniture: 14 Timeless Designs (Popular Woodworking)

Build authentic Arts & Crafts furniture with master woodworker Bob Lang! Beautiful fumed oak. Rich cherry wood. Ebony accents. These are the hallmarks of the finest Arts & Crafts furniture. And they're features you'll find in the 14 elegant woodworking projects in this book. Author Bob Lang, well known for his meticulously detailed shop drawings of Arts & Crafts furniture, shows you how to go beyond drawings to create timeless designs in the style of Gustav Stickley, Greene & Greene and more. From a desktop bookrack to hall tables, easy chairs and beyond, you'll find projects for just about every room in your home.

Collins Easy Learning: Spanish Grammar

Designed to accompany the Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary, this reference offers beginners a clear and easy-to-understand guide to the verbs and grammar of Spanish. Perfect for all those learning Spanish at school, at work, or at home, this guide provides easily accessible information in an attractively presented layout. Key grammatical points are highlighted throughout the text as a means of reinforcement, and a full glossary gives clear explanations of grammatical terminology.

Compendium of Cognitive Linguistics Research

This volume contains high-quality research of a theoretical and/or empirical/experimental nature, focusing on the interface between language and cognition. It adopts an interdisciplinary, comparative, multi-methodological approach to the study of language in the general cognitive perspective, as well as theory-based practical applications.

Critical Insights from Government Projects

Summary "Critical Insights From Government Projects" examines the implementation of major projects in the governmental field, and more specifically those in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The book is divided in to four research categories: project management, project evaluation, electronic services, and technology implementation. The chapters cover the theory and practice of the implementation, in the public sector, of advanced technologies in a governmental setting.

Critical Thoughts from a Government Mindset

The chapters in ‘Critical Thoughts From A Government Mindset’ have been grouped into three categories: (1) strategic management; (2) e-government development and practices; and (3) identity management. In the first section, the book covers ‘Corporate Government Strategy Development’, and ‘Customer Relationship Management’. In the second section, the topics covered are: ‘e-government strategies in UAE’, ‘e-government strategies in Arab countries’, and, finally, ‘e-voting in UAE FNC Elections’, a case study of the e-voting systems deployed in the Federal National Council elections in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Critical Thoughts From A Government Perspective

‘Critical Thoughts From A Government Perspective’ illustrates a broad picture that is grounded in the realities of day to day issues faced by public sector managers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The chapters in the book examine the main areas of importance for public sector leaders; they have been grouped into four distinct categories: strategic management, organisational performance, e-government and national identity.

101 Bodensee: Geheimtipps und Top-Ziele

Lieblingsinsel der Deutschen: Mehr als drei Millionen deutsche Touristen pro Jahr Acht Themen: Fincas, Restaurants, Wandern, Ausgehen, Shoppen, Strande, Ausfluge, Anekdoten alle mit praktischen Tipps Insiderwissen von Mallorca -Resident und - Kolumnist Jurgen BungertMallorca gilt als die Lieblingsinsel der Deutschen und wird oft als 17.

A Concise Public Speaking Handbook (4th Edition)

A Concise Public Speaking Handbook integrates the steps of preparing and delivering a speech with the ongoing process of considering the audience. The comprehensive coverage of key public speaking topics and skills makes this title an ideal core text for public speaking courses and its low cost makes it affordable as a supplement for any course or setting that requires public speaking.

How I Met My Husband: The Real-Life Love Stories of 25 Romance Authors

25 Romance authors share their true stories of how they met their husbands. How I Met My Husband was originally a series of blog entries on my website. I invited authors to share their own true-life romance during the month of February, in honor of Valentine's Day. When my husband read them, he said, "These should be in a book!" With the authors' permission, I collected them into this book, along with excerpts from one of their books.


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