Charllotte The Pup and Wannabe Wallaby

Charllotte The Pup and Wannabe Wallaby


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Charlotte, the adorable Shih Tzu, has a new grooming experience and makes new friends. They go to The Magical Garden to enjoy The Lollipop Tree, The Sea of Chocolates and The Ice Cream Igloo. A new game is also born, with Wally the Wannabe Wallaby being the inspiration for it. When she is back, Charlotte and her Mommy are saved from marauding canines by her four faithful “buddyguards”, Chandler, Dobby, Chip and Bully.

Charlotte’s Mommy then starts caring for them. While Charlotte and her new friends are on a play date at Joe’s, he is attacked by Stinky and The Stench, who are duly dealt with by the buddyguards, too. Truly, this is a magical tale of the magic of doggies.


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