Day In & Day Out

Day In & Day Out


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Publisher: Chris Baca


Year: 2014

ISBN: 9781311479389

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Book Description

Our would be hero is off to a terrible start. Waking up hung over, heading to work like a zombie, and talking to people he doesn't like; a call center customer service rep. Usually, he deals with upset customers, taking insults and angry outbursts with an almost stoic attitude. Until one day, he gets a call from a strange woman claiming to be from another world, and that his world will soon end!

The main character has to decide if he should believe the strange woman calling him at work and telling him of impending doom, or if she's just another crazy caller. Slowly he finds more and more that she's not as incoherent and insane sounding as he once thought. Is this woman telling the truth? Is she really from an alternate universe? His supervisor thinks she's crazy, and orders him to stick to business as usual. Should he follow his boss's orders? Or is this his chance at something more? Is this an opportunity for him to finally experience something greater than himself?


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