Understanding Motor Controls

Using a real-world systems approach to learning motor control devices, UNDERSTANDING MOTOR CONTROLS, 3rd Edition teaches you to install, troubleshoot, and test electrical motors like the pros! Starting with basic control circuits and components, this book covers all must-know applications and procedures to ensure your success in the more complex topics. From safety and development to operations and problem solving, UNDERSTANDING MOTOR CONTROLS prepares you for a career as an industrial electrician with a strong foundation in basic control circuits, sensing devices, solid-state controls, variable speed drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and more. In addition, hands-on lab experiments give you practice putting what you learn into real-world practice.

Tiny House Systems Demystified: Planning for Water, Waste, Cooking, Food Storage, Heating, and Cooling for Your Tiny (or not so tiny) House

This handy guide will be an invaluable aid in deciding on and planning for how to deal with the issues of Water, Waste, Cooking, Food Storage, Heating, and Cooling a Tiny (or not so Tiny) house. It provides an overview of the systems covered with examples and illustrations, and helps you to think through what you need for the house you are designing, allowing you to best determine what will fit your individual needs.

The Garden Awakening: Designs to Nurture Our Land and Ourselves

An award-winning garden designer's unique union of a practical how-to book with stories and philosophy The Garden Awakening is a step-by-step manual to creating a garden in harmony with the life force in the earth, addressing not only what the people in charge of the land want but also asking what the land wants to become. Mary Reynolds demonstrates how to create a groundbreaking garden that is not simply a solitary space but an expanding, living, interconnected ecosystem. Drawing on old Irish ways and methods of working with the land, this beautiful book is both art and inspiration for any garden lover seeking to create a positive, natural space.

Discrete Optimization in Architecture: Building Envelope

This book explores the extremely modular systems that meet two criteria: they allow the creation of structurally sound free-form structures, and they are comprised of as few types of modules as possible. Divided into two parts, it presents Pipe-Z (PZ) and Truss-Z (TZ) systems. PZ is more fundamental and forms spatial mathematical knots by assembling one type of unit (PZM). The shape of PZ is controlled by relative twists of a sequence of congruent PZMs. TZ is a skeletal system for creating free-form pedestrian ramps and ramp networks among any number of terminals in space. TZ structures are composed of four variations of a single basic unit subjected to affine transformations (mirror reflection, rotation and combination of both).

Intelligent Envelopes for High-Performance Buildings: Design and Strategy

This book presents a series of significant methods and examples for the design of sustainable intelligent facades in a variety of contexts. Emphasis is placed on how intelligence has been applied for successful energy-saving efforts in the planning of building envelopes.Readers will find essential information on the core principles involved in designing, calculating and organizing intelligent facades according to the need for a new or retrofitted building. Not only are different materials and technologies considered, but also efficient ways to combine them according to user needs and other project-specific constraints. Illustrations, tables and graphs accompany the text, clarifying the concepts discussed.Architects, facade consultants and all those interested in and energy-saving measures and improved indoor comfort will find this book useful not only as an introduction to the subject but also as a guide to achieving more responsive building methods.

The comprehensive guide for selecting interior finishes

The designer’s handbook to interior finishes.

The Best of Quilting Arts

" The best techniques from a decade of Quilting Arts. A groundbreaking magazine in the art quilting scene, Quilting Arts has explored the basics and beyond of art quilting, machine- and hand-stitching, embellishment, surface design, and more for a decade. Celebrate the 10th anniversary with a collection of the very best articles, plus never-before-seen material including: How to construct art quilts from fabric collage and applique; to whole-cloth quilts Machine-stitching and thread-painting tips and tutorials from award-winning art quilters Inspiring, in-depth profiles of some of the most highly revered art quilters today An array of binding and finishing techniques to make your art quilt stand out Ideas and advice on how to turn your love of art quilting into a business Whether you're making your first art quilt or are a seasoned quilter wanting to enhance your designs, The Best of Quilting Arts has all the inspiration and information that you need to be successful. "--

Adaptive and Robust Active Vibration Control: Methodology and Tests

This book approaches the design of active vibration control systems from the perspective of today’s ideas of computer control. It formulates the various design problems encountered in the active management of vibration as control problems and searches for the most appropriate tools to solve them. The experimental validation of the solutions proposed on relevant tests benches is also addressed. To promote the widespread acceptance of these techniques, the presentation eliminates unnecessary theoretical developments (which can be found elsewhere) and focuses on algorithms and their use. The solutions proposed cannot be fully understood and creatively exploited without a clear understanding of the basic concepts and methods, so these are considered in depth. The focus is on enhancing motivations, algorithm presentation and experimental evaluation. MATLAB®routines, Simulink® diagrams and bench-test data are available for download and encourage easy assimilation of the experimental and exemplary material.


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