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Broken Pretender

“I guess, being untrue to yourself will just hurt and break you within. Hurting yourself will not help you to move on but will only let you remember your past. Pretending will only lead you to your ending. I think it’s the right time to show everybody what I truly feel and who I truly am.” A One-shot story that revolves around Ascia, an ordinary girl who happens to get pulled from a pond into a magical cave. What lies within is for her to discover.

Tres relatos

SINOPSIS: Tres pequeños relatos de Fermín Mayor García, autor de las novelas "El experto perfecto" y "La promesa del sonámbulo". PERMISO DE VIDA: La sanidad pública ha quebrado y no ha tenido más remedio que establecer un "Permiso de vida" para la población anciana. Tilde y Lucas, una pareja octogenaria cuyo amor crece con los años, se enfrentan, de nuevo, a su renovación. LA CHICA DE LA TERMINAL DEL AEROPUERTO: Una chica llorando en la terminal de un aeropuerto mientras lee una carta. Un hombre la observa en silencio desde lejos. Celoso de aquellas palabras, se acerca a conocerla.

A Companion to Poetic Genre

A Companion to Poetic Genre brings together over 40 contributions from leading academics to provide critical overviews of poetic genres and their modern adaptations. Covers a large range of poetic cultural traditions from Britain, Ireland, North America, Japan and the Caribbea.Summarises many genres from their earliest origins to their most recent renderings. The only full-length critical collection to deal with modern adaptations of poetic genres. Contributors include Bernard O’Donoghue, Stephen Burt, Jahan Ramazani, and many other notable scholars of poetry and poetics

Action Front

In this book Boyd Cable offers a range of incredible collection of essays of life events at the front. This is collection that is intend to deliver a story based on the reports emerging from the war and the reaction of individuals back home responding to the reports. This book was spread by the military to spread awareness of the war to the people.

Depression, Suicide, & Self-Injury Quotes

Just a bunch of quotes I liked on these topics. Most of them have credit given to their rightful creators, but several i couldnt find the creditors. If you find any that need to be fixed, please contact me right away, and I will fix it.

50 Best Jokes Ever

Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...

A Bride for Tom

Tom Larson is having trouble finding a wife, and Jessica Reynolds decides to help him overcome his awkward and clumsy manners so he can attract women. This historical romantic comedy is rated G.

A Holiday to Remember

Candy Wright didn't become a high-powered Manhattan business executive by letting men walk all over her. Mitch Johnson lives a simple life in rural Georgia. When the two are thrown together in a freak snowstorm, sparks fly. Will love thaw their frozen hearts, or will secrets tear them apart? One thing is certain; it will be a holiday to remember.

Marriage by Mistake

He woke up to find two days of his life gone. A strait-laced CEO, Dean never wanted to be like his impetuous womanizing father, but while hypnotized Dean wooed and wed some sexy Las Vegas dancer airhead. Now Kelly may be sexy but she's no airhead. She knows this cold icicle is not the man she loves. That fellow, she's sure, is buried somehow deep inside. And she's determined to find him...

Maid in the USA

Who ever said billionaire bachelors and modest maids don't mix? Celine Santini is shocked when billionaire bachelor Pierce D'Amato offers her a job as nanny to his four-year-old charge. After all, he hardly even knows her. But after finding herself thrown into an unexpectedly intimate encounter with him, are they really strangers? The maid and the billionaire...can their love cross the divide?

Nearly Departed

Con artists are a notoriously skeptical bunch, and Dennis Gufehautt is no exception. His scheme of masquerading as a paranormal investigator seems foolproof, until he encounters an actual ghost. Now, having unwittingly become a witness to a decades-old murder, Dennis finds himself stumbling headfirst into bizarre and often hilarious situations as he tries to solve a legitimate paranormal mystery.

Bluegrass State of Mind

McKenna Mason is on the run, leaving her luxurious NYC lifestyle behind. She finds a home in beautiful Keeneston, KY where she starts her new job as an Assistant DA. She finds more than she bargains for when reuniting with a teenage crush, Will Ashton. Will's horse farm has seen its share of trouble leading up to the Derby. Can Will and McKenna work together to cross the finish line in time?


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