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Love Thy Enemy

Red Stone Security employee Dominique Castle knows all too well that there are people in this world she just can't trust. After losing both her parents, Dominique keeps her distance from anyone tied to her past—especially the man she's hated for years. And Viktor Ivanov isn't going to change her mind about who he really is—no matter how determined the infuriatingly sexy Russian is.

Chasing I Do: The Eastons

Darcy Kincaid might be a runaway bride, but she still believes in happily ever after, which is why she’s devoted to helping couples orchestrate their perfect I do. Even though her fiancée turned out to be unfaithful and a big disappointment, Darcy walked away from her wedding fully committed—to her unborn daughter.

Protecting Justice

As the premier political spin-doctor in the U.S., Fallyn Pasche can fix any problem--except her own. Her twin sister, Heather, a United States Senator, has been murdered, her father is barely speaking to her, and someone is after coded files Heather hid in a private safe.

String Beans

Viola Banks had music in her blood. As an aspiring song writer, she grew up wanting nothing more than to have her words sung for all the world to hear. That all changed when she fell in love and married a man whose ambitions became more important than her own. And when it all fell disastrously apart, she realized she was left with nothing but shattered dreams and empty promises. A fairy tale without the happy ending.

White-Hot Hack

Their love story began in Heart-Shaped Hack. Join Kate and Ian for the thrilling conclusion in White-Hot Hack.

Sacred Hart

Sleep, it was luxury I didn’t have. I could hear it then, in the dark light of night, in the dusky morning… The click of the trigger, the smell of her blood, the sound of the rain. I never thought I would see her again. She was a ghost.

The Valiant Highlander

When Sir Donald MacDonald, Baronet of Sleat meets trews-wearing, musket-wielding, redheaded Mary of Castleton, he’s completely flummoxed. Such a woman would never fit in to his aristocratic way of life.

Friends & Fortune Cookies: a Sudden Falls Romance

When columnist Grace Mendoza is handed the dream assignment of a “Dating for Dummies” series, she knows it’s her ticket to national syndication. Too bad that when it comes to dating, she’s the biggest dummy of all.

Promises & Pina Coladas: a Sudden Falls Romance

It was a promise made for pina coladas Back in college, Annie never wanted to settle down, while Ben dreamed of making it big. But one celebratory night, a pact made over a particularly wicked pitcher of pina coladas caught them both by surprise: if either of them needed anything, (anytime, anywhere) the other would be there.

Temptation & Tequila: a Sudden Falls Romance

Never trust tequila on your birthday. She loved him. She’d always loved him. And it took just one tipsy birthday kiss for him to shatter her heart. But horse vet Chloe Tremont doesn’t wrangle studs for a living only to let brooding hunk of a horse trainer Gray Kyleson to get the best of her.

Lights. Camera. Marriage!: A Sudden Falls Romance

A girl with nothing to lose... Deaf interpreter Sophie Redmond can fix anything--but her own love life. Jilted at the altar--but still a hopeless romantic, she auditions for the lead role in a reality TV show promising to deliver her the man of her dreams.

Trouble in Sudden Falls: A Sudden Falls Romance

But Maddie O’Callaghan doesn’t have much choice. When her freak of an ex-husband steals her job, her life and her security, Maddie finds herself with nowhere to go but back. Back to the antique shop she has only six months to make profitable or she’ll be on the street again. Back to the town that abandoned her over her high-school mistakes.


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