Operating Systems

Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users, 2nd Edition

Discover how to get the most out of Ubuntu for work, home, and play. Learning a new operating system can feel daunting, especially if you’re used to Windows or OS X. If you’ve been afraid to try Ubuntu because you don’t know where to start, this book introduces you to a wide selection of software and settings that will make your computer ready to work for you.

Machinery's Handbook, Large Print, 30th Edition

Note: This edition is called “Large Print” as it is an enlarged (7" X 10") version of the original, smaller (4.6" x 7") Toolbox sized edition of this title. The text in this edition is the size of standard reference materials and is not enlarged print for individuals with partial sight. For more than 100 years, Machinery's Handbook has been the most popular reference work in metalworking, design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, and technical schools and colleges throughout the world.

Pharmaceutical Analysis for Small Molecules

A comprehensive introduction for scientists engaged in new drug development, analysis, and approvals. Each year the pharmaceutical industry worldwide recruits thousands of recent science graduates especially chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical majors into its ranks. However, because of their limited background in pharmaceutical analysis most of those new recruits find making the transition from academia to industry very difficult

Kali Linux Revealed: Mastering the Penetration Testing Distribution

Kali Linux has not only become the information security professional's platform of choice, but evolved into an industrial-grade, and world-class operating system distribution mature, secure, and enterprise-ready. Through the decade-long development process, Muts and his team, along with countless volunteers from the hacker community, have taken on the burden of streamlining and organizing our work environment, freeing us from much of the drudgery. They provided a secure and reliable foundation, allowing us to concentrate on securing our digital world.

Statistics for Machine Learning

Learn about the statistics behind powerful predictive models with p-value, ANOVA, F-statistics. Implement statistical computations programmatically for supervised and unsupervised learning through K-means clustering. Master the statistical aspect of machine learning with the help of this example-rich guide in R & Python.

Linux Programming: Building and Debugging

The book is addressed to beginners in Linux programming as well as those who have programmed using other environments and operating systems before (Windows, for example) and who now want to learn how to develop programs in Linux.

C Programming in Linux: Learn how to program in Linux

Learn how to program with C language in Linux operating system.

Creating and Deploying in Minutes Predictive Analytics Using Azure Machine Learning Studio

Using this RonsNotes and the free access version of Azure Machine Learning Studio you will explore the expanding world of predictive analytics and how, using a drag and drop interface, to make predictions about future events such as, “What will a competitor charge for a new car model?”, or “Who are the best candidates for our mailers?”.

Programming Swift! Mac Apps 1 Swift 3 Edition

The book covers visual programming with storyboards and interface builder. You’ll be working with latest version of Xcode and Swift, building modern Mac applications.

Mac Application Development by Example: Beginners Guide

A comprehensive and practical guide, for absolute beginners, to developing your own App for Mac OS X.

Practical LPIC-1 Linux Certification Study Guide 1st ed. Edition

This book is your complete guide to studying for the Linux Professional Institute's Server Professional (LPIC-1) certification. Every concept, principle, process, and resource that might make an appearance on the exam is fully represented. You will understand every concept by rolling up your sleeves, opening up a terminal, and trying it all yourself. You will find suggestions for practical tasks along with "test-yourself" quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines

An invigorating, thought-provoking, and positive look at the rise of automation that explores how professionals across industries can find sustainable careers in the near future.


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