Java 9 Programming Blueprints

See some of the new features of Java 9 and be introduced to parts of the Java SDK. This book provides a set of diverse, interesting projects that range in complexity from fairly simple to advanced and cover HTTP 2.0. Take advantage of Java's new modularity features to write real-world applications that solve a variety of problems

Python Microservices Development

Key Features: A very useful guide for the vast Python developer community, who are shifting from Monolithic design to the new Microservices-based development. A concise, up-to-date guide to building efficient and lightweight microservices in Python using Flask Tox and other tools. Learn to use Docker containers, CoreOS, and Amazon Web Services to deploy your services

ES6 for Humans: The Latest Standard of JavaScript: ES2015 and Beyond

Learn ES6 best practices for code optimization and organization and walk through practical, common examples of how to implement complete components of your applications. While this book covers the basic concepts of modern JavaScript, it primarily focuses on the new syntax, data-types, functionalities, and everything else that's new in ES6, the latest standard of JavaScript.

Two Scoops of Django 1.11: Best Practices for the Django Web Framework

Two Scoops of Django 1.11 Will Help You Build Django Projects. In this book we introduce you to the various tips, tricks, patterns, code snippets, and techniques that we've picked up over the years. We have put thousands of hours into the fourth edition of the book, writing and revising its material to include significant improvements and new material based on feedback from previous editions.

Learn Unity for Android Game Development: A Guide to Game Design, Development, and Marketing

Get a thorough and practical introduction to Unity development for Android devices with no previous experience with game development needed. In this book, you'll go through every step from downloading and installing Unity and the Android SDK, to creating fully functional games. The bulk of Learn Unity for Android Game Development is a simple project to create a 2D platform game complete with touchscreen controls, physics, enemies, respawning, collectibles and more.

New Perspectives HTML5 and CSS3: Comprehensive, 7th Edition

Now you can master Web page design as you learn from the unique, hands-on approach found in NEW PERSPECTIVES HTML5 AND CSS3: COMPREHENSIVE, 7E. Each tutorial in this complete book challenges you to put into practice the concepts you have just learned. Every tutorial includes a basic statement of the problem, the goals you should achieve, and a helpful demonstration of how to complete the task to create a fully functional website. You do not need any prior experience with HTML or CSS or any specialized software other than a basic editor and Web browser.

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for JavaScript Developers Pocket Reference

A guide to the Beta release of Adobe Integrated Runtime explains how to build and deploy HTML and JavaSript-based Web applications to the desktop.

Building Social Web Applications

Building a web application that attracts and retains regular visitors is tricky enough, but creating a social application that encourages visitors to interact with one another requires careful planning. This book provides practical solutions to the tough questions you'll face when building an effective community site one that makes visitors feel like they've found a new home on the Web. If your company is ready to take part in the social web, this book will help you get started. Whether you're creating a new site from scratch or reworking an existing site, Building Social Web Applications helps you choose the tools appropriate for your audience so you can build an infrastructure that will promote interaction and help the community coalesce.

C++: The Complete Reference, 4th Edition

Best-selling genius Herb Schildt covers everything from keywords, syntax, and libraries, to advanced features such as overloading, inheritance, virtual functions, namespaces, templates, and RTTI plus, a complete description of the Standard Template Library (STL).

More Exceptional C++

The puzzles and problems in Exceptional C++ not only entertain, they will help you hone your skills to become the sharpest C++ programmer you can be. Many of these problems are culled from the famous Guru of the Week feature of the Internet newsgroup comp.lang.c++, moderated, expanded and updated to conform to the official ISO/ANSI C++ Standard. Try your skills against the C++ masters and come away with the insight and experience to create more efficient, effective, robust, and portable C++ code.

Designing Web Navigation: Optimizing the User Experience

Thoroughly rewritten for today's web environment, this bestselling book offers a fresh look at a fundamental topic of web site development: navigation design. Amid all the changes to the Web in the past decade, and all the hype about Web 2.0 and various "rich" interactive technologies, the basic problems of creating a good web navigation system remain.

Client Centric Web Design

A client centric web design methodology addresses the negative attitude that exists towards client work and has the potential to transform your business. For the client/designer relationship to work both parties need to respect the other. In this book we explore how to move the clients perception of you as a pixel pusher to that of an expert.


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