Professional Web Design, Vol. 1

Web design, with its wide range of disciplines and fields, is not an easy nut to crack. However, it is possible to put together a book with some of the crucial principles and fundamentals that you will need for every project you take on. Learn about the harsh truths of corporate Web design and the troubles you are bound to run into. Create effective online portfolios with optimized user experiences, without the usual trial and error.

Professional Web Design, Vol. 2

The pace at which the Web rolls today has picked up, and we feel obliged to give you a status report and outlook. This eBook focuses on recent changes in Web development, as well as design trends that are likely to catch on and could have a substantial effect on our workflow.

Persistence in PHP with the Doctrine ORM

Doctrine 2 has become the most popular modern persistence system for PHP. It can either be used as a standalone system or can be distributed with Symfony 2, and it also integrates very well with popular frameworks. It allows you to easily retrieve PHP object graphs, provides a powerful object-oriented query language called DQL, a database schema generator tool, and supports database migration. It is efficient, abstracts popular DBMS, and supports PHP 5.3 features.

iOS UICollectionView: The Complete Guide

Fully updated for iOS 7, iOS UICollectionView: The Complete Guide, Second Edition will help you build highly immersive, cutting-edge iOS user interfaces that transform your apps from good to great! Ash Furrow covers everything that's new and valuable in UICollectionViews for iOS 7, showing how it eliminates annoying "gotchas" from iOS 6 (and helping you avoid a few new pitfalls).

Python Programming for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning the Basics of Computer Programming and Python Computer Language

Are you ready to learn how to program? Do you want to learn how to program using Python, a popular programming language which is powerful and simple to use?

C# Programming: Quickly Learn C# Programming

Learn How To Master C# Programming Quickly! All Aspects of C# Programming Are Covered In This Book Learn how to create fully functioning programs using C#. This guide is great for beginners and intermediate users.

Learn C# in 1 Day: Complete C# Guide with Examples

This book is all about getting you started fast without the need to spend days or even weeks on trying to understand Csharp. This e-book eliminates the common fear of long and complex code that beginners usually face. It has picked some best illustration that is difficult to find anywhere at this price. After reading this book, you will find yourself playing with code on very same day.

Creating Calculating Android Apps, using MIT App Inventor 2

How to create Android Calculating Apps using the "MIT App Inventor 2" website. It's free and you won't need to learn any programming languages! This book covers Apps that will work out Mathetical Solutions given 1 or more input from the user. You'll be able to create Apps to work out any mathematical equation/s you want it to: Areas of circles, triangles, rectangles, etc.

Wordpress: Beginner to Pro Guide - How to Easily Build a Professional Looking Website or Blog

This book offers beginners an excellent and easy to follow introduction to using WordPress In this book, you will be learning plenty of basics and fundamental information of using WordPress, and it also includes step-by-step instructions for setting up your Wordpress site. There is also a chapter with in-depth detail on the WordPress Dashboard- where all the fun and creativity happens! You will also learn the difference between plugins and themes and its uses and benefits. Readers will also get a simple and easy to follow instruction on how to create their first page or their first post as well as customize their site according to their needs.

Learn Enough HTML to Be Dangerous: A tutorial introduction to HTML

HTML is the fundamental language of the Web, and every developer, designer, and even manager should know the basics.

Best new programming book learn C Sharp programming in visual studio 2016 - Learn Coding For App programming and game programming Basics of C# Computer Language: A C# Programming Bootcamp

Want to master the basics of C# programming in a short period? If so, you're in the right place! This book is exactly what you need.

How to Become a C# Programmer: Step By Step Beginners To Experts Edition

This book gives a good start and Complete introduction for C# Programming for Beginner’s. While reading this book it is fun and easy to read it. This book is best suitable for first time C# readers, Covers all fast track topics of C# for all Computer Science students and Professionals.


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