Applied Psychology: Putting Theory into Practice, 2nd Edition

Applied Psychology: Putting Theory into Practice, 2nd Edition


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Year: 2012

ISBN: 0199235910

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Book Description

For many students, the lecture hall or seminar room may seem vastly removed from the reality of everyday life. Applied Psychology: Putting Theory into Practice, Second Edition, demystifies the link between the study of psychology and psychology in the real world.


The book is structured as a series of "rooms", each examining a field in which psychology has a significant impact. Each room contains an overview of the key psychological concepts applicable to each situation and provides a number of case studies detailing the psychologist's input and its effects. The rooms include: The Crime Room, which focuses on forensic psychology; The Work Room, which looks at occupational psychology; The Teaching Room, which explores educational psychology; and more.

Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking discussion questions that encourage students to engage in lively debates.

Now in its second edition, the text incorporates new illustrated chapter openers that help to support and reflect the written content. It also includes two brand-new chapters Chapter 10: The Teaching Room and Chapter 11: The Nature Room.

An invaluable resource for all students of psychology, Applied Psychology: Putting Theory into Practice is ideal for undergraduate courses in applied psychology.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: The transition from theory into practice
Chapter 1 About This Book
Chapter 2 The Origins And Scope Of Applied Psychology
Chapter 3 Applying Theory To Practice

PART TWO: The rooms
Chapter 4 The Crime Room
Chapter 5 The Court Room
Chapter 6 The Work Room
Chapter 7 The War Room
Chapter 8 The Treatment Room
Chapter 9 The Sport Room
Chapter 10 The Teaching Room
Chapter 11 The Nature Room