Reference Ebooks

CSS Cookbook, 3rd Edition

What people are saying about CSS Cookbook "Christopher's fantastic cookbook will give you solutions to pretty much all of the CSS problems you'll come up against in your day-to-day web design work, saving you bags of time and frustration. This guy is one of the industry's brightest minds -- he really knows his stuff."

Head First PHP & MySQL

With this book, Web designers who usually turn out static Websites with HTML and CSS can make the leap to the next level of Web development--full-fledged, dynamic, database-driven Websites using PHP and SQL.

Designing Web Interfaces

Provides information on designing and implementing effective user interfaces.

Complete Web Monitoring

With the goal of helping users determine the value of their Web sites, this resource shows readers how to integrate several different views of an online business--including analytics, back-end performance, usability, communities, customer feedback, and competitive analysis--into one clear picture that reveals the effectiveness of one's Web presence. Original.

Head First Ajax

Provides information on building interactive Web applications using Ajax.

Head First Data Analysis

A guide for data managers and analyzers shares guidelines for identifying patterns, predicting future outcomes, and presenting findings to others; drawing on current research in cognitive science and learning theory while covering such additional topics as assessing data quality, handling ambiguous information, and organizing data within market groups. Original.

Head First SQL

Presents an instructional guide to SQL which uses humor and simple images to cover such topics as the structure of relational databases, simple and complex queries, creating multiple tables, and protecting important table data.

PHP: The Good Parts

Get past all the hype about PHP and dig into the real power of this language. This book explores the most useful features of PHP and how they can speed up the web development process, and explains why the most commonly used PHP elements are often misused or misapplied. You'll learn which parts add strength to object-oriented programming, and how to use certain features to integrate your application with databases.


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