Bioengineered Nanomaterials

Bioengineered Nanomaterials


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Publisher: CRC Press


Year: 2013

ISBN: 978-1466585959

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Many varieties of new, complex diseases are constantly being discovered, which leaves scientists with little choice but to embrace innovative methods for controlling the invasion of life-threatening problems. The use of nanotechnology has given scientists an opportunity to create nanomaterials that could help medical professionals in diagnosing and treating problems quickly and effectively.

Bioengineered Nanomaterials presents in-depth information on bioengineered nanomaterials currently being developed in leading research laboratories around the world. In particular, the book focuses on nanomaterials for biomedical applications.
This collection brings together novel methodologies and strategies adopted in the research and development of bioengineered nanomaterials and technology. Renowned international researchers discuss topics including:
- Nanoemulsions as a vaccine adjuvant
- Bioceramic nanomaterials in medical applications
- Natural and synthetic nanoporous membranes for cell encapsulation therapy
- Inorganic nanoparticle materials for the controlled release of drugs
- Nanomedicine in brain tumor treatment
- Nanoparticles for the treatment of solid tumors and metastasis
- Near-infrared-resonant gold nanoshells and carbon nanotubes in tumor imaging
- Toxicity testing and bioapplications of silver nanoparticles
- Innovative approaches to improve bioactive properties and molecular signaling in cells to stimulate bone repair
The book is written for readers from diverse backgrounds across chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, medical science, pharmacy, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering. It offers a comprehensive view of cutting-edge research on nanomaterials of biotechnological importance.


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