That Moment...

That Moment...


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Publisher: C.C. Champagne


Year: 2011

ISBN: 9780986946707

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Is it just luck we are in the right place at the right time? Do you believe there is a reason for most things that happen? Being in an unexpected situation, are you unaffected, or have you stood in awe wondering? Is there a moment when you realize that between the beauty or sometimes mayhem of life's unusual occurrences, we are guided by a higher power for a reason unknown to us until THAT MOMENT!

“That Moment…” written by C.C. Champagne, is a book containing stories based on actual events in my life, as well as that of friends and family. They span over one hundred years extending to present day, and they occur around the world.
With each story, it becomes clear that an explanation for how the events have come about and how they conclude cannot be passed off as being luck, coincidence, or any other generalized terminology we may use. It makes no difference what your culture, religion, or beliefs are. It doesn’t matter what you call it. You can’t help but feel, and think there was something else involved in guiding the situation for a reason. Some may call it chance, karma, or they may shrug their shoulders and think, “That was weird!” On the other hand, most would call it God, Angels, or a Guide. The point is not really what you label it, but more that you recognize that a higher power was involved in the outcome of what you experienced. Life is a blessing, and each one of us is a unique individual whose path through life is guided. It is our decision as to what we do in that moment, which then determines how the events play out. This is not a book that will tell you what you should do, or how you should act and feel. It is just a few individuals who made a conscience decision, be it planned or not, to get involved. They realize later that the choices they made at that moment altered the events in a profoundly positive way. They impacted the lives of those around them, and they knew they had been guided there for a reason.


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