Discovering SQL

Discovering SQL


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Publisher: Wrox


Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-4571-0657-6

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Discover best practices for turning data into information you can use Structured Query Language, more popularly known as SQL, is a standard database language used to create, access and manipulate data, and store and maintain information in relational databases such as Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. If that's all you know about SQL, then you're already ahead of the curve! Assuming no prior knowledge of SQL or relational databases, author Alex Kriegel takes you on a voyage of discovery as you learn SQL basics and learn to work with data stored in a relational database.

Written in a beginner-friendly tone, this guide walks you through the creation of a sample database that incorporates all the SQL concepts taught throughout the book and also introduces data modeling, query tuning, and optimization.